Are You Sick of Selling Chocolates, Running  Bake Stalls & Having the Same Items Every Year at the Mother's Day Markets?


And You're Looking for Something Different, eco-Friendly, Easy to Sell & for a Good Profit?


Try a New & Simple Fundraising Project Today with our Eco-Tea-Light Candles...

Exclusive to Yours&MineOnline!

Take a closer look - Yes - these are made from Upcycled Plastic Bottle Tops!

By using a quality Non-Scented Natural Soy Blend Wax & suitably 'rated' plastic lids, these candles Burn (smoke free) for approx 3 hrs & at a lower temperature than the original metal style - so they are also safer to handle.


Please Note: Standard eco-Tea-light candles are non-scented.

We also have Seasonal Fragrance Options such as Tropical Summer Delight, Caramel Chai Latte, Rose Petal or Christmas Spiced Pine-Wood

  • Match Your School/Community Group Colour Themes

  • Suit most tealight candle holders & oil burners

  • Reusable & Don't cost the Earth!

Fundraising Options:


Collect for Cash!

Your school or Community Group can Collect Plastic Bottle Tops for a Cash Back Reward! We will pay 5c per bottle top* back to your group upon delivery in the return satchels provided, then reuse the plastic bottle tops for our eco-tea-light candles. (* minimum of 50 bottle tops of prescribed size & type)


Simply Sell Direct!

You can simply give out a purchase code (specific to your group) for people to buy the tea-light candle packs direct on our website & your group receives a (scaled) commission on the sales. All orders & deliveries are handled by us & we pay you!


Buy Direct & Sell them Yourself

You can buy a bulk quantity of tealights online & are provided with materials to sell various packs sizes through your community members, at a market stall, on an order form, etc.


Make & Sell them Yourself

You can collect the bottle tops, buy a bulk candle-making kit from us, make & package your candles, then sell them any way you like. Each kit includes easy to melt wax, wicks, bags for different pack sizes & warning labels  (suitable for making x100 tea-light candles)


DIY Workshop

You can book a 1hr DIY workshop to earn how to make the candles (all materials & equipment included) then charge per person for the workshop &/or sell the candles afterwards.

Workshops suitable for up to x25 people & make x100 candles

We can also help with customised logo stickers just like ours !!!