Who remembers The Wombles? The ultimate upcyclers!

As a kid I loved this UK TV show. Such a catchy tune & great role models for upcycling & repurposing unused/unwanted items.

The Womble motto is "Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish". This environmentally friendly message was a reflection of the growing environmental movement of the 1970s & I believe is making a resurgence due to our current global situations with waste management & climate change.

Here’s the backstory: The Wombles are fictional characters originally created by author Elisabeth Beresford, in a series of children’s books from 1968, where these pointy-nosed, furry creatures were inhabitants of a burrow on Wimbledon Common in London, England. Their aim was to help the environment by collecting & recycling rubbish in creative ways. They were then introduced to children around the world using stop motion animation in a BBC children’s TV show which ran a total of 5 seasons over 18 months in 1973 – 1975. The theme song and a number of spin-off novelty songs by British singer & songwriter Mike Batt became hits in the British Music Charts & forever imbedded in our young impressionable minds. The Wombles then made a comeback when a Canadian film company made a new series of episodes, introducing a few new Womble characters, which screened between 1997-1998.

Exciting News: It was announced a while ago in 2013 that not only were The Wombles going to make a return to the British TV screens but there is also the possibility of a movie in the near future! Richard Desmond snapped up the rights to the new Channel 5 TV series which will consist of 26 episodes each 11 minutes in length. So I’m now eagerly awaiting the comeback of The Wombles to our screens again, even if it’s just as streaming episodes online to get my fix!

Click here for a sneak peek of the new computer animation (or CGI) version of The Wombles. Hopefully this will reiterate that simple notion to our present younger generations of enjoying the outdoors & all the fun & resources your imagination can provide without costing the earth!

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