DIY - Turn a stretchy belt into a coffee cuff in 3 easy steps!

I picked up this stretchy belt from a local charity store (OpShop) with something very different in mind for its new purpose!

stretchy belt with chunky old buckle

Coffee cuffs are a new trend which have the purpose of keeping your tea/coffee/chai/hot chocolate warm but stop your hands from getting too hot - especially when carrying them back from the cafe to your office, car or the park bench.

They come in many designs but the stretchy ones are the best fit for different cups and these are possibly the easiest to convert.

stretchy belt cut ready for suff assembly

Step 1: Cut off the buckle sections from each end of the band and then cut the band into approx 20cm lengths (per cuff).


* It depends on how long the belt is at to how many cuffs you can make from the one belt but you can usually get at least a Yours & Mine pair!

* It also depends on the size of the coffee cup you wish to fit as to which length is best but if you use the following calculation you should get the perfect custom fit.

* Measure from one side of the base of the mug/cup to the other, then x4 to get the length to cut from the belt. (eg 5cm x 4 = 20cm)

* Allow for at least a half centimetre seam for sewing the two ends together

Step 2: Place the two ends of the first belt strip together, with the decorative/textured sides touching on the inside of the band, and stitch by hand or sewing machine along this seam with a strong colour-matching thread.

zigzag & plain hem stitching for coffee cuff


* Most stretchy belts will not frey at the cut ends but you may wish to edge the seem (like I've done in the picture) just in case.

Turn the cuff inside out & you're done - unless you want to add a decorative trim to it as well.

Upcycled, Repurposed & Australian-made Coffee Cuff made from

Step 3: Now you're ready to fit the cuff to your favorite coffee mug.

Warning - do not fit onto a mug which already has a hot beverage in it unless it has a lid firmly sercured on the top!

Fitting tips:

* Place the coffee cuff on a safe, flat surface such as

a table, standing on its edge.

* Hold the mug firmly in one hand and place the

base of the mug inside the cuff.

* Slowly pull the cuff up to wrap around the middle

section of the mug where you would hold onto it.

Bonus feature: These cuffs can be machine washed!

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