Holistic Sustainability in Aussie Schools - that's Cool !

Cool Australia & Holistic Sustainability:

It was 2008, and everyone told them they were mad to attempt to incorporate environmental sustainability, in a real and meaningful way, into every Australian school. Last month Cool Australia had at least one teacher using their resources in more than 70% of Australian schools and the number is growing. Boom!

Recent research also gave them some really great insights into their current resources, but what really stood out was that most of the respondents wanted them to cover more diverse topics, not just environmental. So for a more holistic view they will now include social and economic sustainability to go with their existing environmental sustainability program. Topics like Indigenous Perspectives, Human Rights, Health and Wellbeing, Music, Ethics and Cultural Diversity, will be rolled out in new resource materials for teachers across Australia to incorporate into their school curriculum/programs. Now that's cool!

'White collar hippee' businesses, like Yours&MineOnline, also get involved with various programs through these such organisations, to support sustainability education and will be actively involved in this years coolaustralia's EnviroWeek (Sept 11-17 2016).

So watch our Blog & Facebook pages for more details on our school & community workshops, like plastic bottle-top tealight candles at www.yoursandmineonline.com.au

For more info on resources, events & workshops check out www.coolaustralia.org

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